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My life

• #1 rated comedy in French Canada
• Rocky Award for Best Francophone Series 2015
• 43% market share
• 2 million viewers weekly

Martin Matte is Canada’s Answer to Jerry Seinfeld

My Life features the daily elements of our hero’s life: his family, friends, and professional challenges as a well-known stand-up comic. In each episode, the stage is set for his unusual encounters with the people in his life we all relate to – be it the cleaning lady, the dentist, the doctor or the appliance store clerk selling toasters.

The main character possesses an irreverent view on life and the cheeky attitude you would imagine a successful, rich comedian would have – which makes him a powerful agent-provocateur of the funniest and most awkward situations. The show pushes the envelope, producing hard-edged comedy the audience never knew it could handle.

Ultimately, Martin is likeable and his idiosyncrasies are tolerated by his family and friends because of the love and respect they share, but they just aren’t so in awe of the real guy they know – and his many shortcomings surface quickly – leaving him to be as cleverly laughed at by them in return!!

  • Genre: Comedy series (Sitcom)
  • Length: 32 x 26 min
  • Number of seasons: 3
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year: 2013-2014-2015
  • Original Idea: Martin Matte
  • Writer: Martin Matte
  • Produced by: Encore Television and Matte TV
  • Broadcaster: TVA
  • Time Slot: Prime Time at 9 PM weekly
  • Ratings and Market share: Average of 2 million viewers per week and a 43% market share



The boomerang effect: adults moving back in with their parents.

Boomerang is a romantic sitcom about Karine and Patrick, a loving, debt-ridden couple. Their only solution is to swallow their pride and accept to sleep in Karine’s parents’ basement –with all the conditions and sacrifices the new situation brings … “ But we’ll be out of here soon!” they optimistically declare …Sure they will…

What if your charming daughter is in love with an affectionate yet slovenly guy, who has some issues with you, your very organized wife, and your other son-in-law -who is admittedly an asshole –but at least he’s rich!

Boomerang is based on an original and timely idea by one of ENCORE’s favourite comediennes, Catherine-Anne Toupin (the optimistic and loving Karine), and featuring Catherine-Anne’s real life love, Antoine Bertrand (the affable and bungling Patrick).

  • Genre: Comedy series
  • Length: 24 x 30 min
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year: 2014 – 2015
  • Original Concept: Catherine-Anne
  • Writers: Isabelle Langlois-François
  • Archambault-Pascale Bilodeau-Karina Goma
  • Cast: Catherine-Anne Toupin (Karine),
    Antoine Bertrand (Patrick), Marie-Therese
    Fortin (Monique), Marc Messier (Pierre),
    Magalie Lépine-Blondeau (Stéphanie),
    Émile Proulx-Cloutier (Richard) and Fabien
    Cloutier (Sylvain)
  • Produced by: Encore Television
  • Broadcaster: TVA
  • Time Slot: Prime Time at 7:30 PM weekly Ratings and Market share: 1.5 million viewers weekly and a 37% market share


True North

History just got uncensored.

This is the untold story of the Quebec Laurentians (Canada). Prepare for a gripping, hyper-realistic drama of the struggles of a hopeful people, as they cultivate the wild land they must colonize. The heart-wrenching lovetriangle between innocent, strong Donalda, her beloved, Alexis, Ste-Adèle’s village hero, and greedy Séraphin, the mayor’s usurary son, show the resilience of the brave against a backdrop of scheming politics. The earthy priest, Curé Labelle, keeps moral order and inspires hope for the poor. He has big plans for a national railroad, to develop the North, bring back the youth draining to the U.S. for work, and political aspirations to link together the French colonies as a stronghold against English Canada.

  • Genre: Drama series
  • Length: 20 x 60 min
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year: 2015-2016
  • Original Idea: Hyper-realistic and uncensored remake of the TV success of the 1950s Les belles histoires des pays d’en haut (1956-1970).
  • Writers: Gilles Desjardins
  • Produced by: Encore Television and Sovimage
  • Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
  • Time Slot: Prime Time at 9PM weekly
  • Ratings and Market share: 1.6 million weekly viewers and a 38 % market share



The burnout just wasn’t in the plans.

Everyone can have a bad day now and then, but we meet Valerie on a morning that divides her life neatly into before and after. It’s the precise moment before the earth-shattering event…

It took one inconsequential setback – a silly thing, really – to cause a slight delay in Valerie’s schedule, resulting in a regrettable distraction, causing an unfortunate incident, which leads her to the police station….. making her miss the single most important event she had on her agenda: The Meeting!

That’s when the dam breaks. All that control to build the fragile framework of her life collapses instantly. Valerie gets fired, is obliged to restrain her lifestyle, and now with the shared custody of her son in question, Valerie has to review her priorities and reorganize her life.

So, welcome to your burnout! It’s the fall of the superwoman who, having lost her source of direction, sets out to reclaim a better life worth living.


  • Genre: Comedy series
  • Length: 13 x 30 min
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year:  2016-2017
  • Writer: Isabelle Langlois
  • Cast: Sophie Cadieux (Vaérie),
    Sylvie Léonard (Madeleine), Antoine Archambault (Thomas), Simon Lacroix (Éric),
    Éric Paulhus (Kevin)
  • Produced by: Encore Television
  • Broadcaster: TVA
  • Time Slot: Prime Time at 7:30 PM weekly Ratings and Market share: 1.5 million viewers weekly and a 37% market share



For Sarah

What if your life changed overnight?

After drinking heavily at a party, 17-year-old Sarah and her childhood friend Cedric, who was celebrating his 18th birthday, drive off in a sports car and end up in a horrifying accident. That night changes everything for the two critically injured teens and their parents. Beyond the physical consequences that leave Sarah severely disabled, the accident marks the start of a medical, legal and emotional battle that pits the two families—formerly close friends—against each
other. The terrible tragedy forces everyone involved, teens and parents alike, to draw on new reserves to survive and grow. But what really happened that fateful night?

The series keeps you on the edge of your seat right to the tenth and final episode, as the facts surrounding these teens, and their actions during the high-spirited party, are revealed bit by bit. Sarah’s friends and family are all in some way responsible for, or involved in what happened. The story centres on the relationship between Sarah and her father, Luc, and is told from the eyes of these two characters, as they journey through the various stages of Sarah’s recovery. We watch them help each other transform this twist of fate into a new life. For Sarah is a series imbued with light and hope. Its characters, who are pushed to their limits, are presented with dignity and free of any moral judgements.

  • Genre: Drama series
  • Length: 10 x 60 min
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year: 2015
  • Original Idea: François Rozon
  • Writer: Michelle Allen
  • Director: Eric Tessier
  • Cast: Marianne Fortier (Sarah), Felix-Antoine Duval (Cedric), Sylvain Marcel (Luc), Helene Florent (Judith), Patrice Robitaille (Donald) and Brigitte Lafleur (Annie)
  • Produced by: Encore Television and Duo Productions
  • Broadcaster: TVA
  • Time slot: Prime time at 9 PM weekly
  • Rating and Market share: 1.5 million viewers the first week and a 38% market share



MIRADOR is a major public relations firm, directing a small army of PR experts. The firm ensures that the only truth to ever surface is the one it has spun. Whatever situation their clients find themselves in – international scandal, murder, political hot water or fetish sex – Mirador will control the outcome for them.

Nicknamed “The Minister of Propaganda” by his own uncle, the head of this slick operation is the controlling protagonist Philippe Racine, son of founder and CEO, Richard Racine. Father and son clash on how to best run the family business, and how to live one’s life…which brings the patriarch to set a trap and betray his own blood.

The Senior Account Executive of the Mirador empire is Philippe’s self-serving and flamboyant brother, Luc. He is the untrustworthy family schemer who will do anything to get his own way.
Mirador is a sordid world of bad blood and manipulation – a battleground where family values can only be a liability and the dramatic repercussions of the struggle for power, often fall on the clients. Someone is bound to get hurt.

  • Genre: Drama series
  • Length: 26 x 60 min HD
  • Number of seasons: 3
  • Original version: French language
  • Production year: 2009-2011-2015
  • Original Idea: Daniel Thibault and Isabelle
  • Writers: Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Pelletier (Season 1 and 2) – Jacques Savoie (Season 3)
  • Director: Louis Choquette
  • Cast: Patrick Labbé (Philippe), Catherine
    Trudeau (Chantale), Pascale Bussières
    (Véronique), David La Haye (Luc), Nathalie
    Coupal ( Michèle), Gilles Renaud (Richard),
    Sébastien Delorme (Carl) and Evelyne Brochu
  • Produced by: Encore Television and Sphere Media Plus
  • Broadcaster: Radio-Canada Season 1 & 2, Serie + Season 3
  • Time Slot: Prime Time at 9 PM weekly
  • Ratings and Market share: Average of 800,000 viewers per week and a 25% marketshare (season 1 & 2)



  • François Rozon


    François Rozon was executive vice president for the Juste pour Rire Group, where he managed all national and international activities. He made his mark most notably as a comedy show and theater producer, and as an artist manager. He helped launch the careers of those who, thirty years ago, were the pioneers of the comedy celebrity world. He established, and gave structure to, a new artistic field, comedy, whose commercial exploitation has since then outstripped all other artistic fields in Quebec (Michel Courtemanche, Daniel Lemire, Marc Dupré, Claudine Mercier, Mario Jean, Patrick Huard, Jean-Michel Anctil, Anthony Kavanagh, to name only a few). Today François Rozon is an industry leader in production, management and marketing in the field of comedy. He is first and foremost a man of ideas and challenges. He surrounds himself with competent partners. He builds dynamic teams and knows how to transmit his passion to them.

  • Vincent Gagné


    Vincent Gagné has worked in the entertainment field for 20 years. He worked at the Festival d’été de Québec, at the Domaine Forget in Charlevoix and for Bruit Bleu before taking part in the Cirque du Soleil adventure for 11 years. In fact, he was vice president of Cirque du Soleil Images, a prestigious position which allowed him to produce major televisual products and to be awarded the distinguished Prime Time Emmy Award for his work as executive producer of the TV series Cirque du Soleil Sans Filet/Fire Within. After producing many variety TV specials and the series Mirador, Caméra café, Rêves d’acteurs, Disparus and Les Beaux Malaises, Vincent is now also working on developing several drama projects.

  • Dominique Simard


    Dominique has developed solid management in the cultural sector. She worked for the journalist Pierre Nadeau, was a member of senior management for the Juste Pour Rire Group, where she worked nearly 17 years, and was an expert consultant for the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec. Her work experience has allowed her to develop a global vision of the sector and to master all its inner workings, whether it be funding, production, marketing, exhibition or distribution. With a strong reputation based on her knowledge of industry practices and cultural management, she is known for her dynamic style, work ethic, high standards and business acumen.


The Encore Company

Live show / Management / TV / Distribution

ENCORE is an integrated entertainment group which was founded in Montreal in March 2000; it is one of the most prolific production companies in the fields of TV series (comedy and drama), live comedy specials, plays and artist management.

The company is most notably active through two large platforms:

ENCORE SPECTACLE is an industry leader in the production on live shows; its president and founder was one of the main catalysts in the world of comedy in the 1980’s. He helped to create the careers of now internationally known stars of comedy and with the support of his team, has produced multiple successful touring shows. ENCORE has sold over 3 million tickets for their various shows and over 400 000 DVD’s. It has managed to establish several sales records and to this day, keeps on promoting the careers of the most sought after stand-up comics. Since 2015, it has broadened its offering by producing plays that are based on movies that were box-office smashes.

ENCORE TÉLÉVISION has experienced a meteoric rise in the last few years; it has multiplied the production of award winning TV series that have been recognized and praised both nationally and internationally. It owns several group subsidiaries in television production and international distribution; it is through those two channels that it has produced more than 300 hours of fiction over the last fifteen years. The company’s most well-known productions are Les Beaux malaises (45% ms), Boomerang (37% ms), For Sarah (37% ms), True North (37% ms), Freefall (30% ms), 10 seasons of Caméra Café (30% ms), Mirador (25% ms) and 32 live comedy specials.

Its multiple small screen successes have established Encore Télévision as the most recognized production company in the field of comedy in Quebec. In 2015, it was awarded the prize for best producer by the AQPM (Quebec’s Media Producers Association).

ENCORE, its artists, creative craftsmen and women, television shows, live shows and plays have garnered more than 60 prestigious awards bestowed by the industry.

ENCORE distributes its shows and formats to international markets; its distribution catalogue includes drama and comedy series, as well as documentary series and films. For more information on that subject, please visit ENCORE’s INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION website: http://www.encoretvintl.com/

The Team

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Marie-Sylvie Lefebvre Ext. 250

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